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The FuturiZe project outputs come in 3 formats:

  1. Experiencial: a co-produced track (FZ track) in the Lisbon addictions 2019 conference;
  2. Collaborative: different constellations of professionals (networks and working groups) who were recruited to work on different parts of the project, and who continue collaborating beyond the duration of FuturiZe;
  3. Transparency and Sustainability: project reports (deliverables) written with the aim of providing sufficient theoretical and methodological detail to strengthen future multi-sectoral co-creation and foresight work in addiction fields and disciplines.

The FuturiZe Networks and Working groups

Several groups of multidisciplinary professionals have collaborated on parts of the FuturiZe Project and continue to work together on different aspects of foresight in the addictions field.

FZ network groups

The FZ bursary-holders are 121 multi-sectoral professionals working in addictions fields. Each was awarded a bursary on the basis of merit and need and was required to complete the online consultations survey, contributing to the foresight exercise to shape the FZ strand topics and perspectives.

The group participating in the FZ foresight workshop comprised 40 high-level professionals from different sectors (civil society, academia, clinical and policy) to participate in an intensive exercise analysing and discussing on-going trends and future scenarios in different areas of addiction.

The FZ Track participants are a group of 33 professionals, including academics and thinkers in the addictions fields who contributed to sessions on topics with a future perspective; as well as technical developers and front line implementers who demonstrated and discussed technological advances in addictions.

One session at the Lisbon Addictions 2019 conference was dedicated to a Cannabis standard joint unit (SJU) Back-casting Workshop: back-casting is a method used to map steps and anticipate to mitigate obstacles in a hypothetical path towards an ideal goal (in this case, the creation and use of a standardised measurement for cannabis use to improve population health). The group has gone on to publish on the process and conclusions of the session and apply for funding to initiate the first steps along this path.


FuturiZe Deliverable Reports

The FuturiZe project reports will soon be listed and summarised here to encourage their exploitation and the use of the methodology and outputs in different contexts. To receive any reports (pending approval of the funding body, DG JUST of the EC) please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..